Nightmare Wizard

Exploring Game Audio and Production with Wwise at Berklee Online, I utilized an isometric third-person video game called Nightmare Wizard to add in my own music, voice and sounds.


- Create audio and integrate it into commercial games
- Compose music that changes dynamically in response to game events
- Design unique sounds and creature voices to bring a game to life
- Use the many powerful features of Audiokinetic's Wwise authoring tool


Who: Berklee Online
What: Game Audio and Production with Wwise 
Project: Nightmare Wizard
When: Winter 2021
Duration: 12 weeks


- Game Audio Production
- Music Production
- Sound Design
- Foley
- Voice Over
- Audio Integration with Wwise

- Unity
- Wwise
- Reason 11
- Logic Pro X
- iZotope RX 9
- Zoom H4n Pro

Next Steps
Adding variety to the following:
- Wand Cast sounds
- Enemy Hurt sounds

Selected Works

Nightmare WizardGame Audio & Sound Design

Unity Stealth DemoSFX & Horizontal Scoring

The Last of UsFoley and SFX

Ballman FootstepsAdding SFX to Animation

Cooking FeverUser Interface Sound Design