Unity Stealth Demo Game

Working with the Unity Stealth Demo Game, I implemented custom sounds into the project by replacing the existing sounds with sounds I recorded, music loops I created, and select sounds from SFX libraries.


- Implement custom audio into Unity
- Utilize Horizontal scoring techniques
- Manipulate sounds and effects
- Utilize audio effects to creae sound palette


Who: Berklee Online
What: Intro to Game Audio 
Project: Unity Stealth Demo Game
When: Spring 2020
Duration: 2 weeks


- Game Audio Production
- Music Production
- Sound Design
- Foley
- Horizontal Scoring
- Audio Integration with Unity

- Unity
- Reason 11
- Logic Pro X
- iZotope RX 9
- Zoom H4n Pro

Asset List
- Music (Undetected and Detected)
- Laser Hum
- Door Open / Accessed Denied
- Keycard pickup
- Lift raise
- Player footsteps
- Switch deactivation
- Weapon fire

Selected Works

Nightmare WizardGame Audio & Sound Design

Unity Stealth DemoSFX & Horizontal Scoring

The Last of UsFoley and SFX

Ballman FootstepsAdding SFX to Animation

Cooking FeverUser Interface Sound Design